Re: Evil you ate

Wavering weight waits in a way
that aways abated getaway
Raises regrets, picking at fray’s ends
Days blend an array of base trends
into endless panoramas

When this land can calm the souls
of the soulless, sow less, reap more
sou’wester blessed succubi
Such inspired innate spires rise only a sigh
from sorrow-infested, sequestered squire
who borrows the books you buy

Tomorrow’s sky looks too high to try
to sly off with a wry cough and a cap doffed
to any truck you might
tuck under at night
Truculent delight blighted in spite of monomania
May highest monolith come to claim
the monochromatic display delaying the inevitable
A dithering demise to be deemed unforgettable

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