When the cracks begin to show…

Draw a picture of an old bloke sat on the sofa, yelling at the television and most of us will be able to think of a real life, close-to-home example. The prevelance of such activity in our society is such that the names Alf Garnett, Rab C. Nesbitt and Jim Royle have become punchlines in their own right.

Having more and more frequently found myself muttering “bullshit” at some talking head or other, I decided that a healthier medium by which to vent my spleen would be the humble internet blog.

Let it not be said that this method is, in my case, an effort to impose my views on the masses. Reaching an audience of no-one but myself is as much as I could wish to achieve but the cathartic quality of a good old internet rant is something of which I could deny myself no longer.

Therefore, I shall contain my bile within the time capsule of this page in the hope that I may peruse my own words in years to come and wonder, “what the hell was I even annoyed about”.


One thought on “When the cracks begin to show…

  1. Jordan says:

    I agree with your closing thoughts. I often chance upon my old writing endeavors and feel clueless about their origins.

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