Calm beneath waterfall
Sat sideways on red leather
Pictures pour colour upon me
as I bathe in window’s light

Willows melt onto muted landscape
West wind tousling their hair
like a playful older brother

Turning point at teatime
Blackbird bursts bubble
with news from yonder treeline

“Give thanks!”, she sings
“for the beautiful things;
for beetles and earthworms
for the tips of my wings

For sips of fresh water
from fountains and springs
Give thanks to life
and the death that it brings”

Silence stings my skin once more
as singer sails skyward

I was as thankful of its
melody’s arrival
as I now am of it’s departure

Quiet’s return permits memory’s recall
whose lingering echoes caress my castle walls

Thanks I give now for such scenes
Bathing me in light
Pouring colour upon me
Muted landscapes
Westerly winds
and all that frames my world

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