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Smoke fills air
above he in his chair
Trying not to stare
into place ‘tween here and nowhere
That place of visions
Place of ifs, buts, different decisions
Is this mission really disguised incision
into veins of the lost?
Or just plain simple cost
of doing business in frost-filled world?

Up, up, upward smoke curled
as this world inverts still further
Still fervour to unearth worth
surging as surf onto sand
Carelessly crushing any spot where it lands
Will I learn to guide my own hands?
Learn how to earn what my soul most demands?
Learn how to burn internal commands
that have me twisting, turning in darkest of lands?

I hope you understand
Hope you see the mould that made the man that I am
That you pulled from the river when you were standing
panning for gold
in the depths of your soul
Never noticing the glistening of you as a whole
Imprisoned by invisible chains holding
you back from unfolding riches untold

As I stare boldly
into future’s next great history
I tear down old myths
Twists that did this to me
Wherever you are
I whisper this to thee
Nowhere, never
will be a greater tryst than we

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