Monthly Archives: October 2012


Tap, tap, tap! Fingers slapping, rapping on keys

Opinion, free thought flowing back and forth with ease

A chill breeze from behind, a spotlight, freeze!

The will of a distant quill finds you guilty by degrees


We are the moral majority, we’ll have no nonsense here

No objections, jokes, plurality. Our law is very clear

Thou shall talk sense, don’t cause offense or pour scorn on another’s dealings

Or shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre. We’ll lock you up for hurting feelings


Tap, tap, tap! Those fingers tap and rap on a prison wall

Resounding slap for the chap with the laptop who thought they’d never call

But call they did, they came for the kid who chose to speak his mind

Whether right or wrong, the kid is gone, only silence left behind


A few months in a cell compares not to the hell of a populous afraid to speak

The prostration of this “Christian” nation that should have turned the other cheek

A land of frightened children who need protection from hurtful words

Who altogether have the critical powers of a dozen flightless birds


This mind is my own, I swear to you, no boundaries will it face

Atop my spine, it stands alone, a very big place in a very small space

I am the fire, this theatre: mine! I say whatever I please

Cut off my hands, remove my tongue; my thoughts you’ll never seize

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