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Singularity’s End

To what do I tend now?
To what end, sentimental blend
of make do and mend
only to find me leant at the end
of the hacienda

Not a penny to spend
Disregard for trend
Still dutifully lending an ear to others
fending off telling cough

Heart rending quake offering no visible evidence
Irrelevant reverence for indelible severance
of equivalent sentiment
to that which I tore from you

That awful truth of
Right person
Right time
Wrong mindset

Hark Hindsight’s hide by glowing fireside
All night he did ride, hooves moonlit in stride
with a pride that undermined warning inside
to run run run and hide, Hindsight!
Your might cannot smite this longest of nights
most painful of blights
Passed bite to bite between men of ill repute

One notes with astute, brutal clarity
resolute disparity between the actions of Canute
and clarity over his ability to swim
His nobility, a whim, fluke of birth
entitling him to scraps of earth
He bridles his kin to his actions, his curse

Which becomes terse, cursive verse
immersed in dispersing the worst
indeed, the first bursts of hatred
back into the Universe
I am submerged
Canute enters sea
Abruptly it ends for him
Slowly it begins for me

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