Monthly Archives: March 2012

Day – 26.03.2012

A shaken day, a day with few smiles

The day on which myself and Miles set off on a journey

through Spain and space and other far off places

Not to escape pain

or to find a place with no familiar faces

To find a solid plan, a dream from the dreamtime

Because for the meantime all I have is a heart that’s weathered

from years being tethered to worry and doubt

Emotions which those I care about could most certainly do without

if only for a moment.


Uncertain days,

another apple not long for the tree

as the roots and the trunk are strangled

while the grounds man lays drunk with bootlaces tangled.

For the land in which we find ourselves planted is not ours.

The height and strength of this tree has

precious little to do with your or with me

save the few fleeting hours in which we reach for the sun

knowing full well that they will come and harvest the fruits

of our labours and that of our neighbours

before cutting us down for pointing out their shortcomings and failures

or becoming, as they see it,

a thing poisoned.

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