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Come now do
and swim through
this our ether
A thief, a fool and a preacher
Trinity of one soul
whose chapters unfold anon
Transparent paragraphs
A story told and gone

Follow me down
furrows in brown
soil ripples
Follow water as it trickles
through topographic tales
in lost and lonely lands
Authentic orphans
Bastards of the sand

Exit with I
dying sphere hung high
in silent space
Once compliant face
raised defiant
before giant, burning sun
Transcending tyranny
Becoming the one

…two, three, four, five they come
Alive they become, as they arrive
having undone the oncoming onslaught
The untimely slaughter
of all they fought for
and over
and over, and over, and over
imploring their Buddha and Allah and Jehovah
to close the lid on this
shallow shard of shame
named humanity
Doorframes stained
with blood of those slain by insanity
in calamity after calamity
wrought upon simple sentient simians.

Sentimental sufferings
of self-subjugating serfs
Preventable by plucking
promised heavens from this Earth
For we are worth
more than empty eschatology
more than virgin vessel births
Worth more than the tears forever bleaching the shirts
of the fallen
Worth more than beseeching
our presidents and preachers and all and sundry

Crawl, stand, run and flee
away from mad melee
be true, be you, be free
of false leaders who bleed us dry
Who lead us to death beneath the flags that they fly
Who need us to feed them or else they will die
like tired, toothless tigers

Ruthless as ever they continue to bribe us
and we buy it
We pay them to protect us from ourselves as we riot
in protest

Raised on a diet of cannibal cows
Placed on a conveyor and given our vows
Chased to our graves by ‘buy later, pay now’
Wasting away in a way we allow so willingly

So ready to give up on killing the
need to be guided
by someone, anyone, anything but us

When in fact there is only us

Only me
And this life that I dreamt
while afloat on the sea
of sleep
Born amidst the soporific softness of sheep
As day slips away, nightfall creeps
in through the cracks
Forsaking my world
Turning my back

All is black



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