A cat named Fudge

Poised beneath privet
Feline arc
braced against wuthering wind
Smothered with sins
against scurrying things
Beaten on brow by wings
of a bird that never sings

What springs to mind
when you move out into bleak bluster?

Speak now
muster defence
Unflustered song
of recompense
and longing for pardon

Slowly you stretch
pacing off through the garden
Hardened against guardians
of perceptions fringes

You crept in through windows, wind is
blowing shutters from their hinges

Evading the storm and its
lightening that singes
the fur

Heal now your bones with a resonant purr
Sonic frequency frequently heard
by the fireside
To your heart and its hearth I dedicate this diatribe


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