To Let

Let it be known that
overgrown as it may be
The land within these walls
belongs alone to me
The loan, the late fee
the overblown glee of almost having
Atonal laughing at high definition, low rent theatre
Here to entertain only I

Lonely sky scraped by treeline
Let thee be mine by bet
or by beeline to hive
Where a queen sits enshrined
in what I need to survive
She preens, we shine trinkets
keeping her alive in a space
Belonging to nothing, nobody in the first place

Accursed race!
Worsening daily in spite of its grace
World spins apace
its lowered face sheltering shame
Of sweat draining from sweltering plains
spilt by the slain in toil
and trials and torments for another’s spoils

We cannot covet the soil
Cannot cover over lost blood with found oil
Cannot seek Jehovah for aid when embroiled in this
Inescapable plummet to discovering our loneliness
Only kiss our children when at risk from phantom’s tryst
Then plant them in the garden of biscuits and crisps
while handcuffed at wrists by false bliss injected
Waltzing in fields while being fleeced by the elected

Let it be known that
alone as I am
The land of my birth
This nation, this scam
shall fade from this Earth
Swapping fire for frying pan
Decrying hierarchy of man and his orders
Inspiring new plans for new types of borders

Frontiers not of kin and kind
Not grouping by birthplace
but grouping by minds and by mindset
Not following the blind or placing wild bets
but by thought
By questioning ourselves and the things we’ve been taught

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