As hammer fell from cliff to sea
beasts burst forth from bubbles and froth of
their heaving and breathing

Troubles cost
Burden to its barer
By handle tossed

So certain in air, there were
times its spin seemed ceaseless

A sky teeming with geese
blessed in their escape
Bragging, boasting
Dragging thee to coast in
time to see rags pinned to post; sing
you sinners!

Bring out the dead
branded as winners with wings
Soaring o’er sentencing
hammer that spins anon

Spines upon softness
Sandcastles in tide
Standards, tassles
Onward they ride
Demand hassles of men be denied
their diatribe

Why a tribe can be bribed
to stand not side by side
but can still be instilled
with distilled tribal pride
escapes me once more

In sand I do scrape
until hammer hits floor

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