I agree with the rats
To a degree, their melee
brings us closer to cats and their cravings
But I too see appeal in chocolate raisins
And the larger the ‘we’
the farther we rise above gnats
Yes, I agree with the rats

I concur with the rats
Curses concurrently hurled at their herd
in the flats, in the slums
among flat caps with birds on the rooftops
don’t allow for shared power
without an ounce of the hourly rates
The truth drops, mates
And I concur with the rats at the gates

I must stand by the rats
The standard by which we
each judge each creature relaxes
Be they teachers, torturers
preachers, paupers alike
Voluptuous fur or covered in spikes
Likely to attack?
Like this or like that? Oh drat!
I must stand with the rats

I find I don’t mind the rats
Kindly to kin and mindful of traps
Both minor and major
not minding the gaps
Blinded to rapture
guided perhaps by pure happenstance
Never second glancing chances to dance
among scraps, and that’s
why I kind of like rats

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2 thoughts on “Rats

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Haha! Clever!

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