Chapter IV

I intend to intone
atonement in tender tones
Tentatively tunnelling
through the valley of bones
Out of fallacy flown
Flip flopping from will to want
until nothing is owned

Strip it bare
Fumes of varnish remover
sink through the air
Keen kid crosslegged
sands leg of a chair
Slipping into slumber
Coma come near

At Comus he stares
Formidable foreboding
suddenly surfaces in sun’s glare

Sons of Earth!
People of note and worth!
Sleep now with soporific infinite curve
of spacetime

Nervous before race time
as you drink wine
brace mind to wake in a dream
to be crafted by kin, kind and team

Jettison jetsam, as you sail upstream
Carve from insanity the sound and serene

For it certainly seems
that behind every nightmare
lays a secret that gleams

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