Exactly how to pull a reader in…


I heard the front door creek and slam, footsteps heavy with intent, no repent.
Jolting straight upwards, into a military right angled stance, fishing for clues my eyes jerking with each glance.
Each toe becoming footsteps, arch, heel, nail, board, front, back, forth. Cold wooden floorboard meetings, morning footstep creaking.
An inquisition from intuition, something has left me, but I’m not quite sure what it could be? The physical objects ardently stationary, my Canary ‘Percy’ still sleeping tranquilly.
With an overwrought intent, my eyes meet the hallway mirror, an unsuspecting object with an expectant reflective shimmer.
Each step moving closer, every breath I took clouding my vision, tears holding heavy my distorted intuition
Pressing my fingertips against the reflective glass, a rainbow ripple colour passes through… A grip on my fingers like glue… The seconds ticking by inducing panic… Trying to take back my fingers with a yank so manic

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