If it takes forever…

On a day whose tomorrow was still yesterday evening
On the steps of dead commerce, golden spring settles
on grieving Gideon
and sparks that began oblivion

Oblivious and blind from blip of subconscious mind
Such hubris enshrined in too long open eyes
Silent utterance
The vow that sparked oblivion

Propositioned into neutral positions
This purgatory spliced with that inquisition
A rendition begun with predispositions unsung
Oblivion’s spark come undone

In dark it sat worn, weathered ‘neath veil
Having fallen this far, how could falling thusly fail?
Spark of oblivion
twixt Ahab and whale

Tricks stray, gladly they fall and fail
The tall and pale entwined like birch in a bale
Twirling twigs
oblivion’s spark do ignite

To excite, to delight, to squeeze out extra daylight
the brightness of others must be first drenched in night
becoming dark enough for sparks

Superfluous embarks for stark tundra
Heart – under permafrost – wonders
‘Wherefore that spark, that vow?
Where once was peace lives vengeance now
A promise above needs an alter below
when recapturing oblivion’s spark

Once begun on the steps of dead commerce
uttered with eyes both deadly and honest
Spark returns to burn down the forest
Oblivion delivers
diabolical promise

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