Janus (belated resolution)

There were times I thought
last year would never end
And there were times I wished it wouldn’t

As all years do, it ended
with no regard to my desire
And I am glad
For without last year’s end
this year would have had no beginning

This year has begun, this I know
as I sit in the hope it stays forever
and cling to the hope that soon it will go

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2 thoughts on “Janus (belated resolution)

  1. If DAMP has been completed, please send me info on how i can own a copy. i live in u.s.a.

    • Hi

      Sorry for the delay, we’ve been building our online shop

      The copies we have printed are special preview editions, which are available for £4GBP

      The final copy will feature six chapters (apartments), though we don’t have a price fixed yet

      Postage will be around £8GBP, and would be the same for the preview or the final edition

      The overall story of damp will be told over three volumes

      Thanks for following damp!

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