Amusing a musing goon

There is no other way to build another Rome in another day
Push and shove away love-a-day coveting way
Come to think today that forever alone we each play
We reach pay dirt while we’re hurting away, flirting
with inadvertent words. Singing certainly serves to
divert the knowledge that willingness is certainly there
Middle distant stare, resistant and bare
Defiantly compliant to clients who are elsewhere
Best wear your best dress, dear
The test is here, you’re addressing a fear
that what’s lurking in the dark is what we wish to draw near
while not knowing that we’ll miss the tryst never quite here
Polite cheers, slow claps and jeers
Jesters appear before the king to laugh at his tears
History steers, with the windshield smeared
With a wince, she hands me a fish that she speared
As I dine, I feel fine, she’ll be here when the mist’s cleared
Blissful and endeared by a wistful old beard
with a weird way of saying that such friendship’s revered

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