In my defense

Voraciously veering t’wards veracity
Reemerged immersed in memory
as their words flood back to me
Converted to verse
this curse attracted thee
blackened with glee
and newfound audacity
Capacity to increase opacity deepens
In creases we hide as incapacity seeks into
running colours
Nullifying lovers to become nothing other
than a moonlit tide washed aside by another
We struggle to recover in arms of invisible mother
Solitudinarian Russian doll
missing brother upon brother upon brother upon sister

Up and insistent
pushes perfect tense into the distance
One blinks to two
Both sit ignored
Invisible visionary viscerally bored
with a scoreboard afforded all pain, no reward
Any pitiful gain again surrounded by hordes
of a billion buzzards
Still standing, blood-soaked, spit-covered muzzle
Still loving a tussle
Still brighter than the silver that rattles and rustles
in a rusty iron chamber
Entrenched in the stench
of the bodies of strangers



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