Leaf Loss (ground gain)

Every one has a way
in which they
look at life
Retrospective, documentary
lone gunman, strong wife
They belong in the throng
that fall upon their own knife
An infidel’s intellect
still infected by strife
An effectual vessel
of visceral delights
as Delilah dilly dallies in dirty dusk light
Just as the mythical whores before her
Justice dismissed befalls all who ignore where
the symmetry assembles
so many symphonic symbols
like symbiotic sentinels
with their coarse bearing North
Oar tips burst forth from the bubbling force
of the froth, from the wrath of lofty old Thor
Enough! they implore, as the rough brings more
and more awe inspiring surges
to where sea ice never thaws
Tracks in snow
Insisting we listen, as the glistening we follow
Fair thee well, furious fellow
for what follows tomorrow
is the filling of a chamber once indelibly hollow


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