the horror, d a m p – a brief introduction

My friend and housemate, Lee is an illustrator
For the past few years, we have casually discussed the idea of working on a graphic novel together

In October last year, I was stood in our kitchen examining a crack in the artex

From behind, Lee made the slightly disquieting instruction, “stay right there”

Homoerotic gags aside, my mind leaped to the following three conclusions, in the following order:

1) A giant arachnid, skilled in the art of mimicking bent yellow fruit
2) al Qaeda
3) A t-rex

I must admit, as I turned around to see Lee laying on the floor taking pictures with his phone, I felt a little deflated

That photo was the basis for Lee’s first illustration for d a m p, and the very first page of the story that is now telling US what to write as much as we are actually writing IT; such is the nature of fiction on the fly

I am very proud to announce that in September this year we will be releasing the first edition of the horror, d a m p

A preview will be aired at an upcoming art exhibition in Leeds (details TBA)

Thanks for checking it out

Please recommend d a m p to anybody who is a fan of graphic novels, comics or horror stories in general

We are confident that d am p will be something fresh, individual, brave and moving

We hope you think so too

it was waiting for us here

it was waiting for us here

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