Islands of the sky, stars of the sea

Horizon, vista
Up ahead in blissful distance
Thinning mist insistant
on retaining containment of retina
that threaten perception of a sky
that is not my own

As you get set in setting
of a loan vehicle
Alone and cynical at pinnacle
of preamble’s presence
Presented with land
packaged green and pleasant
where fox and pheasant are only present
as quaint countryside quarrel

Continuing as quarry deepens
Poison seeps into cheapened reservoir
Preserving things as they are
The horizon, the vista
The kiss fading in mist
Last insistence that tryst
locked around wrist must end

Suspended in snow globe
occasionally awakened
by the sorrow and the shaking
that can make any little thing
come back again now and then

A tear, a bow and a friend
A blend of sorrow and an ear to lend
Eternal pledge to defend indelible honour
as upon my liver the birds forever feed
On my gorging, my greed
my need for one single deed
to bleed away vanishing vista
I still view today

Dust in cobwebs that sway as sword of Damocles
over demon cleaved from cadaver
as leaves from a condemned willow
that will only now know narrow nip
of sorrow’s “so long” finger tips
Branches through fingers slip
Skin splits, body clips each flippant twig
as it passes t’wards ground

Sound soon silent
Scattered asunder
as the stars and the islands

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