Alpha Beta

Never let us let our letters forget us

Like belated bullets from beloved bettors

who barter with creditors, ever holding Berettas

With intent a little letter can let out

an otherwise regrettable strain of self-dissent and doubt

A lifesaving vent for precipitous portents hell bent

on renting your sight from your very psyche

Dispelling thoughts that nothing shines brightly

in the mightiest of tempests

On the road up ahead, the most deflective of temptresses

so temptingly dressed

Attempting to address distress while floundering in a mess

less compressing than some summaries would have it seem

Streams of vowels and consonants teem

from dreams of consistently disconcerting scenes

Owls scream, before innocently careening

towards the blindest of evenings

They keep me from leaving

Keep me breathing when heaving the boulder up hills

Ever older

Keep me achieving when told by the doubter on the shoulder

that colder weather lay in wait

They play with fate

Articulate announcements great enough to anticipate

Stilling my hand before its too late

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