Kaleidoscopic rainbows train close corridors
to channel where the pain grows
open windowpane once closed
to keep cold within

Now open to sin, open again
to a thing never yet known
Never shown true and openly
With tokens we attempt to articulate
But only capitulate gyrating display
of rainbows unacknowledged turning slowly to grey

Until the day they pummel
through tunnel long thought blocked
Heart’s door unlocked
Hand releases hemlock
Draconian conium, swallow it whole again
the lifeblood of wifehood adrift and alone again

A boney old crony blows his nose in the sun again
I’ll meet and greet, ignore the bleating of sheep
Rather be lost in the sleet than fall for this again
Come rain, come sun, for together they run
maintaining the rainbow only visible to some

The ones that know together
doesn’t have to mean forever being tethered to irrelevant proximity
less focused on the love than on its visibility, the publicity
The quickening of hearts cloned by marketing tricks

But they’re no quicker than me
No silly wicker statue is a prison to me
No slick Rick could possibly ever be quicker than me
as I reduce the abstruce, let it thicken for me

Atmospheric optics increasing in viscosity
The least we can do is be together
as well as be free
Demanding understanding for the ones who never see
kaleidoscopic rainbows that were made by me and thee

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