He knows you know

You know he knows by the way he ebbs and flows

through the posies that grow in rows along the skyline

He glows like the nose of a fine wine

Taking time to refine

in the bottle and on the vine

He knows you know

You know that he knows that you know

how exposed are the lost episodes

of a life lived in the cold throws of oblivion

and the trivial visions we leave behind us

in droves of discarded clothes

and cloven hoofed mythologies

Apologies to those who rose

from closeness to truth

For the only proof that what is true is true

is to first be deluded too

To see how askew we’ve become

in seemingly humdrum existence

while all around are living theirs

The heirs of such knowledge remember the glares

across school stairs

The foraging bears that tear limb from subconscious limb

Knowing not when to live for their own thing

Staying scared, staying in

when the cold wind whips the shin

It follows him in

He knows, you know

We are kin

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