The potamologist’s curse

Lone flowing stream teems with truths buried

Split seams, sombre dreams, sorrow’s tributaries

A tribute to the many, to any soul lacking

strength to sail on choppy oceans now blackening

Emotional fracking fracturing flaw

as I forlornly look for a lawn near the shore

A place with no past, where the crabgrass won’t ask

me not to grab or to grasp horns of a bull set to gore

Matador’s flaw was belief in the force

that brings blossom to bloom with no visible source

Entering discourse left me wizened and hoarse

Screaming at heart rendered hard by remorse

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5 thoughts on “The potamologist’s curse

  1. This is such a sweet and warm poem… very well written.. i love the whole concept and the whole thing is just beautiful. I love it. great job.. keep it up =)

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