Paper resurfaces in the reshuffle

Smoke rings choking beginning

of singing songs to memories

Longing to belong by a side

burns up along with leaves

Chest heaves in heavy relief at belief

that palliatives can kill what resides

beneath, inside

On the heath, by the fireside

besides which only I alone will lie

Is a lie to a lover really a lie

if you’re trying to resurface from a solstice

that saw you smothered, dying

Denying the sadness that warps what may have been

into a bedevilled distraction

a reaction to the crying?

O’ colourful butterfly that lingered lazily on

heartstrings of the hopeless turning from no-one to someone

Suddenly sullen, then gone

Summoned by player downplayed all along

Safeness, stability replacing suddenly the song

The most honest sound my heart has yet made

on the very same day you set out to prove it wrong

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