Not as we are, as we wish to be

A mother mutters as hand stutters over button

Depressing press has uttered

mutton as lamb lamentations of glamorous gluttons

who have gutted gleaming, guttural growl

of foetal ferocity

Velocity measured by viscosity

of fiscal fictions

sees a vicious friction between vulturous coalition

and voluptuous victors of last century’s fight

Blackened as blight, suspicious and white

conscripting you kin, doomed, dispatched in the night

Trebuchet, tightened and taught, silent might

Sirens soon signalling death with delight

Accomplished mission renders accomplishment suspicion

I come to conclusion that a compliment’s missed in

an applause for the cause of finality’s fission

with a fickle display of a society with its backbone missing

Kissing ring of Herod as he’s wishing

for a head on a platter, blood splatter glistening

as he glances at gathering throng keen to listen

that a decapitation means the death of a vision

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