Tiniest of worlds swirls by in a curl

of two toke smoke spinning webs that unfurl

A torrent of tarantulas sit a ranting and a hurling

at a girl hurtling headlong into hails of pearls

In a pair of precipitous hemispheres

deliciously delicate epiphanies appear here and there

A preacher so clear never grabs by the ears

pursuing the few who will listen through the ensuing years

Unassuming fog clears, as Crystal reappears

through portentous portal, long since dried are her tears

Her hurt she sent hurtling, as each hurdle appeared

and apparent apparitions have adopted new cheers

No jeers does she hear, embracing New Year

Battle scarred, but not hardened, she ardently endears

all around, who lay down on the ground that she smears

with a curse to captivity and a love of frontiers

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