Apollo’s eyes and the sorries I never said

Ganymede gallops along gallantry’s gantry

Gargantuan Galilean globe glows over Galilee

With giggling glee, winks, gleaming at me

as I flee emphatically empty allegories

Attempting agreeable aggregate, I squeeze a squeamish smile

through cracks in surface devoid of pleasantries

To pleasantly please hunger pangs appeased

during time of pease porridge and the grazing of knees

The raising of reasons long sunk beneath seas

left a litany of ligatures and lengthy apologies

Polyphasic sleep from tallying black sheep

and a waking appraisal of biblical etymology

Entomology’s army amass on the heath

Battle scarred beetles, brittle and broken bequeath

a sin unto son so he sings through his teeth

since singing to someone sees him sitting beneath and below

where the wind cannot blow

with the bloated bereavement of a badly planned show

The bawdily blundering buffoon has to go

Discarding disguise of the sorries I owe

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