Emaciation’s Embrace

Cumulus accumulates, curiously late

Curing and procuring one in skeletal state

Pentecostal levitates, awaits arrival at weight

that renders him surrendered to perpetual bellyache

Well he waits and he waits, disquieting distance

closing twixt he and the brightening imprints

that the ladies of Hades parade in the insistence

that he ooze into booze, to return to pissed stance

Resurfacing ribs, wringing hands rubbing in

stroke soothing sadness, blood runs close beneath skin

Skimming stone skitters into scuttling thing

that sinks into sand, sorrow’s hand soul’s kin

So closely it clings to collated collateral

Vanquished advancement, movement merely lateral

Longing for longitude

Latitudinal bat ‘n’ ball

Menace mustered t’wards matter mustn’t matter at all

The clatter, the crawl of slow urban sprawl

unfurls synthetic lawn before me

as dreams drift, I implore memory of marrow

to hamper harrowing arrow shot through narrow

sallow corridor

I simply have nothing more to give

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