Reviewer Of Year Gets Bruised In Violence

Red and yellow and purple and blue

The swell and the pain in the carpal, so true

Pulled back, distorted

wizened hand once purported

to have cavorted with dot E D U

Pleased be you who knew the doings

Be knew, you who by the doings be pleased

Who knew the doings of you pleased beings who pleased you doing the things I could never do?


Ever downward to be dumbed

Be dumbed ever downward

To be crumbled to a cretinous crutch ever astounded

by safe, unskeptical mind

of the kind that would blindly undermine

truth for simpleton satisfaction

With a dimpled smile at a pimpled interaction

with a clipped-winged avian who would never fly away again

and find another perch

I besmirch they who look for safety from storm

in a temporary port taking temporary form

of a temporary being who temporarily fawns

Selling solitude to sailors until they leave for a brighter dawn

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