First, fear the fool

Ethereal djinns surging in across sand dunes

Emerge and disappear, moving in smoke plumes

Choking fumes choke a desert in bloom

filling tombs with broken brooms from Kabul to Khartoum

Harbingers of doom return to the loom

to resume spin spinning the blanket of gloom

Draped over your shoulders, a comforting womb

bringing babbling bulletins bubbling into your room

Sliver of saliva punctures lip like a pin prick

Shivers and shudders huddle close in the limbic

Limbless or limping, they return for the Olympics

Hailed heroes, not victims; vox populi parlour tricks

Fuzziness fizzling drizzle on understanding

Not a new desert war, just the same war’s rebranding

Merry band of moribund Majors demanding

diminishment of liberties, for the Arabs are landing(!)

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