Spirit Splinters

Rivers of sadness flow through my heart
I divert before imparting unto you
Delta surges forth
Stricken to its course, it pushes through

As the leaves brown with age
Autumn heaves the page towards winter
Shadows linger on, shiver through me, beauty gone
Spirit splinters

Summer drives auburn fox
Squealing horns and ticking clocks drown out the screams
Moon setting, shadow drifts
Through window to my lips to stalk my dreams

Now as the leaves brown with age
And bitter tears soak the page
Warmth bleached to winter
Shadows linger on from every time I’ve been wrong
Spirit splinters

Sole support for weary head;
tired hands that shake with dread, as they miss your rain
Sitting silent, sipping tea
Jaw rests crookedly, bites back the pain…

…that lays as the leaves, browned with age,
ushers the lonely sage towards winter
Shadows linger on to torment the widowed swan
Spirit splinters

Not a hint of the river slowing down
rotting leaves turning brown, we float into winter
Cold wind chases song, sung by the shadows that linger on
colliding with spirit’s splinters

And still it glints beneath it all


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