Wasted lines undermine time, time and time again

I brace, I pine, I patiently craft this crime

as I’ve carved out the lines over and over to make sure that they rhyme

I parked improperly

I paid the fine

Still I’m slumped at the wheel

parked on double yellow lines

Frosty brine laps at grey primered line

I haven’t had time to paint

Like a rusty iron saint, I have sat at heaven’s gate

while timeline dissipates with a whisper

Conquistador draws devil’s hand as he falls

out of view from them all to sit alone in the hall

growing strong, growing tall

Knowing glance as he calls bluff

of the off the cuff look you thought had fooled them all

Either I stand

or we all fall

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2 thoughts on “Wrench

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Nice! I like your writing!
    check out:

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