To share

You have so much left to do
Allow me to introduce you to
a few folk flowing from newspapers
printed after you flew

Times and places you never knew
in which – alone it’s true – I witness the new
albeit refracted through the memory of you

Risen sun produces profuse conclusions
of picture postcard unions in
secluded rooms, dank tombs
mind ensconced in the womb
of too few empty dreams

A few plentiful post-teens
cannot ween from me the feeling that
in between the mean dealings
the faith healings
we held feelings with meaning
that sent us careening through
serene scenes of blissful happenstance
This wistful romance, a glancing blow
to the chance I’d take
to make it all go away

And still I know today
that I would give away
any playful rendezvous
with any purple sunset view
for just an hour or two
to share with you
the little things I do
to get by in a world without…

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