Ripples (from the heartbeat of kindness in the waters of Manasarovar)

So here we stand, simian display

together in parquet array of coalescent dreamscapes

We frolic, we play, we sway precarious in breeze

our candles melt away by various degrees

Elation, dismay, we squeeze what we may from what we get

a lesson yet to be grasped by gasping, rasping mass

clasping for air as it passes by here and there

never noticing the flair rendering vista red


Star of Jacob shines overhead

illuminating pathways we otherwise fear to tread

guides us from terror and dread

teaching us instead to live our lives

not for the pathway up ahead

but to break bread in the here and now

to grasp every strong bough and climb

Disavow focus on the time we have left

it’s ok

it’s fine


As we remind ourselves of finalities, The Finite

think on the fine light brightly shone

from a pulsar, now in our heartbeat

May her light shine on and on


(for Lesley)

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