The smoke of disparate rebellion converges in the sky

Scribble, scribble, scribble
Miserable drivel dribbled from
quivering lily-livered liberals
sickeningly trickles down
sovereign sickle-cell street
Sticks at branch point where
dimly-lit nitwits rewrite, recast, replace
stiletto libretto of an opera ending
only in mania

The insane and the brainiacs
on a runaway train tracing
along tracks to Golgotha’s end
Fuelled by our gothic trend
to suspend belief in creating
something better from this our society

Piety, impropriety inspires in me
a desire to light fires amidst dichotomy
pendulous duality of dogma, disease and discontent
Continents prevented from colliding coherently
by abstract notions of nations, flags, currency

Power of three empowers thee to see
more than duty, country, them versus me
How about liberty, equality, fraternity?
We stick stoically, solidly to maternally nurtured
apologies for animal instincts
Pre frontal lobes labelled global footnote
A sideshow, temporal glow emanating
from amygdala of old, medulla sat below

Man, look at those monkeys go!
Show us your stuff, rough and ready
rock steady tough guy
Tell me why we’re still aspiring to
ideologies that appease reptillian brain
Stillness plain as day, the stain laying
in rain of pitiful excuses:

“Such abuses, sad as they are…”
“A truce is desirable but I wouldn’t go so far as to…”

So I look on as you do
Watching foolishly as food floods down drains
fires flicker in name of explanations
long overdue the lapidarium
still within me and you
still in internal ancestral vivarium

During scarier moments, call-out proponents
of division with impunity
Realise in our global community
a greater unity between you, me, we three
overcoming that which cannot be:
Infallibility and insurmountable echoes of cranial ancestry
striving for betterment of an ever-evolving we

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5 thoughts on “The smoke of disparate rebellion converges in the sky

  1. Tom says:

    Poignant and lovely.

  2. Eva PoeteX says:

    Your attention to sound and rhyme is very aesthetically pleasing to my ears as I read this aloud. Wonderful!

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