Duality of Minds

(NB – This was written by myself and my friend, Paul. We took turns writing sections with no prior discussion regarding theme or style, essentially a joint free write. I give no indication where the parts start and end, or who wrote which part.)

We will teach you merits
of consumerism, art of war
In return we will learn nothing
in order to remain something more

An acorn falls in the wood
It falls not to spread
It is dropped to release a burden

Travelling aboard a ship of dreams
silent, devoid of seams
Behold below! the crooked land
Nightmare of angles and avenues

Lightning flares illuminate
pentangles in cavernous tombs
entrenched with stench of rot
The land long forgotten
infant, cold in Mosaic cot

Egg on tie, which dripped from face
of monkey caged by time and space
Simian race faced with scrambled brain
Inane wax and wane of
alien engagements
in quasi-urbane urban wine bars

The tiny giant, smallest details
lost ‘neath collapsed arch
and detached thoughts
of this lumbering monstrosity

Atrocities immeasurable in scope
slope in through door ajar
Ides of March embarks
t’ward anarchic eruption

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2 thoughts on “Duality of Minds

  1. Eva PoeteX says:

    What great imagery! I love this piece!

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