Pathos through the Windowpane

Pregnant stratus bleed into nicotine sky
Stoic sticks poke through
squares of permission in blackstone travelator
Propelling lateforworks, midweek jerks
and springfrocked perks
t’wards smirking shills of industry and commerce

Coercion worsened by impersonal attempts
of alligator ad men taking glad men
adding them to arterial aberration
that the corporeal is reality enough

Grape of mankind sours on vine of potential
Still sodden with wine are hours
we stand in line for inconsequential equity
Next step must be away

Make this the last day of silent dismay
May no delay cause you to stray
back to disarray of starry eyed teens
record industry monopoly schemes
reams and reams of identical jeans
careening to clubs substantially lean
on meaningful themes of hope

Dopey eyed, doped up, ropey no hoper
slopes to nearest open clone clinic
Drifts with sick wicker hearts
flickering in the dark
Never to spark a single fire

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