Did he jump or was he pushed?

Hand holds handlebar once held by hers
Terse curse as it swerves through traffic held up by her hearse
First verse serves to invert majestic burst from acquaintances dispersed

Bold, quick swoops ice pick
swung by ostensible Tzars
Cold, slick slips spine shiver
eschewed by cry of ullaaa

Fixed firm alone at the bar
getaway car parked out back, not far
Eyes shimmer, stars through dark
Smirk, spark, smoke
Stark folk choke on oil slick sin
Slip into another gin
Thin man, razor wire chin, slim grin
leans in, interjects, inclines one to images of insurmountable suffering

Creeps into inevitable chamber
Manger, weary head laid on bed made by chambermaid
Comes to grade fear brought near by sneering succubus
Who must you trust while all about returns slowly to dust?

Dismiss this lust, this kiss
Flick of the wrist, I insist
Persisting in this tryst with the beings in the mist
will signal only resistance to how one must exist

Incubus, hagridden
Begone, good riddance
Hindrance and happenstance dispelled by shield and lance
Another chance, chapter two dance
Prance fancifully closer to closing in on an answer

Circumstantial success sucks cess and mess into mind
Delusions that solutions will find you, predefined
Reinspired spine finds pride of the earned kind
Inspires dry squire to shirk spires for empire
To exist in soul causa sui
To fly higher, higher higher

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