The Coalescence Equation

Pinpoint pupils point pupil to begin learning anew

Still askew from loose-skin joints, loose gin joints and a yearning for something different to do

No longer distant and blue

Perhaps distant to you

Not to a select few with whom I choose to explore the cold and the true


Synchronicity’s bliss wisps in

on same wistful wind that blew away final kiss


Centrally heated, simulated summer, is this the mission upon which you insist?

To exist in a fizzling resistance to a tryst with their reality, which dwells in the mist?

To risk all and nothing, stick and bindle, out and roughing it, toughing it out a bit,

no quit more grit and less bullshit, is this what you want?


Then with this I concur, no more stammer or slur

No more haphazard, hammered blur, as the damage incurred leaves one lost for words


But it occurs to me

It’s taken years for me

to shake faith, break fate and act decently and I’m still trying

Still relying too heavily on others

Sisters and brothers

Friends and lovers

Fathers, mothers

All of whom are slowly dying


As am I, as are you

Growing old, growing blue

Still askew with a few hang ups, some growing up to do

Loosely skinned joints, floozies in loose gin joints

Nothing binds us more than the damage we accrue

Aloof with steel eyed truth

Of pupil pointing pinpoint pupils

Beginning to learn anew

As it was at the time of writing

As it was at the time of writing

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