Moon River (Reprisal)

We’re after the same rainbow’s end

Just me and my Huckleberry friend

It was never pretend

no make believe attempt to bend the truth


Grassy clearing, hand draped over shoulder

No image more sincere or dear to me

So near to me, no closer beings could there ever be

Hands clasped about waist

No hurry, no haste


Calm captured in still

No liquor, no pill will ever instil

such a bold feeling of I will, I do

Will rewind and be true to myself and to you

Will fight off the many, defending the few

Reverse to the moment when off we flew

and pause at the water’s edge


Fledgling pair, not a trouble nor a care

Wider-than-a-mile smile hanging in the air

beaming lunar rays as she plays

with the settings on her chair


Embracing image will always be there

Placing shiver with quiver at the centre of heart

Moon River will forever tear me a part

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