This is it…

Air’s aroma: rain

There a moment later

strained, but raining all the same

Sickening game causing nothing but pain

and assurances of a better life

A mortgage, a wife, bottled up strife

and memory of a future that never came


If it’s all the same with you

I’ll take my room with a view

built for a complete one, not an incomplete two

The one incomplete being me, not you


With your flare for the daring

and utterly selfless manner of caring

My eternal thanks for caring enough

to pull me up from the rough stuff,

dust me off and offer support through the tough stuff


Another off the cuff bluff was never intended

How I wish it could be mended

or reality suspended or ended completely

But until I can truly see, this is how it must be

And may you someday forgive me

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