Trial by fire or trial and error,
this trying endeavour,
try or die, trite and weathered
Open door asylum,
out pours delusion, violence,
a deafening silence that triumphs over mankind in a way hitherto unknown

Withered through full blown virus
Dithering anew from the cold inside us

New model, digital-age escapee from the bird cage jogs by
She slogs, she tries to dodge trite and weathered,
forever ignorant that it is right behind

Toes tap, jaw raps, lips flap
seeming to mouth “run, run, run
t’ward the ever sinking feeling that the day will never come
when I lay face to the sky,
withered, weathered and dry,
I must try!”

And she will
Jogging ever onward
Until dreams skim the horizon
House, car, the man she relies upon,
the body she’s desired for so long
Until she is gone
And all is left behind

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