Out of Madness upon the Dune

And if I die before I wake

drink in my existence, your thirst to slake

Longing to break the take, take, take world

in which we lately make our nest

Not quite at, nor past our best

either way, failing the ultimate test


Fallible primates that imitate the

way we ought to be

ought to see

Not the way it was taught to me

simply something I figured out

years of certainty triggering doubt

(certainly something to shout about)

lending clout to things not knowingly felt


I have knowingly knelt before the alters of many gods

each growing in wealth, as the queue behind me lengthens

Showing courage and stealth, the emancipated self strengthens

becoming autonomous after converging with experience and health


I am me, I am free

I have dealt thee that is me a decisive blow

like the new moon’s glow

shining upon the ebb and flow

of a high tide that washes me away

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