My Street

Tough talk, strong walks and two forks

Miscellaneous feet pacing up and down the high street

My street’s heartbeat is nothing other

than another fleeting cycle of die out and recover


Financiers express fears of smart kids with card tricks

No aversion to the legal version, a house made from fake bricks

Cash crop coffee shops besmirch the name of Herman Melville

only killing ill will when shoppers stop getting cups filled


The heartbeat of my street, boom boom crash

shared treats of torn sheets and plasticised hash

Hack and slash cut backs, purple slacks, hidden stash

Flash Harrys splash cash; in the red but still brash


Duck and dive, try to survive, to stay alive, one more day

My street’s boom boom beat, living proof that fades away

or fails to stay

Either way, one is forced to say

We have the power to paint over the grey

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