Last Rite

Fabricated caves stave off waves of bold reason
Cold season bites, ignites bold treason
Cohesion pleasing none but the brave
Searchlight scanning both cradle and grave

Former forms a springboard
Launched toward a ford o’er the river
As arrow pulls quiver
Shot at a point with a purpose
Collision colludes truth held in surplus

Latter consumes matter, pitter patter of feet above
Mad Hatter pours another tea, setting free fleeting love
Reciting slow, a eulogy, of no use to me but spun for one seeking only bricks and mortar
Who oughta sought a purer thought for the son, the daughter

Life not lost; cornerstone laid
Alone, afraid but strong
Indelible echo echo echo
Gold flecks show through melting snow
Man below, alone then gone
A part of something all along

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