Todos caerán

Stretched lungs, dry eyes and not a drop in sight

Tangled wing, shortened flight

eschews delight for the embrace of night


Unfair contempt, well-worn, overgrown

Mixed moral high ground, flooded, dethroned

Washed away, downgraded, a failure at best

exposing calloused dermis, another fading palimpsest

Oh for a little rest from all that I detest!


Curved ridge, covered ditch

Two cars play chicken on a one way bridge

And there! In tow! Unwitting passengers who never truly know

Half blind drivers, a patch of snow that seemed so smooth

while sayings sooth, the soothsayer moves like a dancer on the tracks

with nothing to prove


Twirl and turn, waiting earnestly with nothing left to burn

save an arch maiden with bubbling skin, oblivious of sin

So many new voices offering endless choices

holding nothing within


But then, none of us win, there is only one answer

Billions of questions with one single answer

Sleep well my dear, for the same destination

awaits you, awaits me and the solitary dancer

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