Pull the Plug (or a nice idea, at least)

Management feeds labour a tale so spurious

as to render the parasitic Chancellor victorious

Once curious, now furious man on the street

wonders whether to vote with his fists or vote with his feet


when diplomacy seems only to widen the trench

increasing the distance between the machine and the wrench

while the tension increases in the bottom two layers

that blindly fund and the support The City’s top players


Surveyors, naysayers, soothsayers won’t call it

You want your vote to make a difference then vote with your wallet

You see, Robin Hood’s not just a sweet little tale

when the Sherriff’s just taken your cash and set sail


on a forty foot yacht we shall christen The Craven

its destination: irrelevant! We’re in a global tax haven

It’s not all doom and gloom looking up from the gutter

because there’s brains in this drain and they’re beginning to mutter


See, while George is distracted by dividends going up

he’s forgotten: many a slip twixt the lip and the cup

Time to plan a quiet riot, a financial assault

pull our monies from the banks and let the whole thing default


Even smashing up the nation didn’t get their attention

All it got was jubilation and draconian detention

There’s one thing keeping the succubus class alive

Your money and mine which lets them survive

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