It’s Illegal

It’s illegal for you to have the final say on what goes into your body

No how, no way and not just for today

It’s illegal for you to have your say


It’s illegal for one ignored by high society’s plans

to take matters into his own entrepreneurial hands

to supply an escape to the man wishing momentary repose from a hum drum existence

Moments of escape however are acceptable and legal

Just not doors A, B or C, not the joint, the straw or the needle


It’s illegal for the Bolivian farmer

to prevent his family’s life from getting harder and harder

by making full use of a crop grown for countless generations

thus raising the prospects of his impoverished nation

above the abomination of umbilical respiration

supplied and enforced by an out-dated, opinionated foreign delegation.


It’s easy to see the legal position

if you imagine yourself making a vital business decision

Much better to make a swift, legislated excision

than to look down the barrel of consumer division


Because it is legal to smoke cigarettes, drink, let down your hair

but not to cultivate plant life that grows naturally here and there

They will not permit a threat to their hard-forced market share

And this isn’t just here, it’s almost everywhere…

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